The Northern Islands

This circuit of beautiful and relatively unknown islands stretching east from the Greek mainland starts with the islands of Icaria and Samos, then goes north to Thasos and Samothrace where antiquity is still very much alive – Icaria is named after the famous myth of Icarus who was attracted by the sun; Samos is where Pythagoras was born. The island of Lesvos was home to the poetess Sappho, and Samothrace gave us the famous statue of Victory, today exhibited in the Louvre in Paris.
You’ll discover the abundant vegetation, broad beaches and secluded coves with unique appeal, even in the middle of August. The tall bare-stone houses are beautifully decorated with tiled roofs. Due to the greater distances between islands, this cruise takes two weeks. The north wind that sometimes blows here in summer is far less powerful than the Meltemi in the Cyclades.