The Cyclades Islands

This mini-archipelago is one of Greece’s most characteristic island cultures. The name given by the ancient Greeks refers to the circular pattern made by the islands. Easy to access as it’s located near Athens, the archipelago provides extremely varied and spectacular island-hopping, due to the many islands and short distances between them, rarely exceeding twelve nautical miles.
The dazzling white square houses and the churches with their blue roofs are known worldwide, and offer a constant enchantment to sea-going lovers of Greece.
The Cyclades offer you a full range of Greek pleasures from archaeological sites such as Milos with its Venus, through the torrid nightlife at fashionable ports on Mykonos, to the fascinating Santorini volcano.
The best times of the year to sail in the Aegean are from April to June and mid-September to late October, which both avoid the strong “Meltemi” summer wind.