Astarte is a very roomy 25-meter long and 6 meter wide schooner that can accommodate up to nine guests.
Despite her size, she can easily reach the most beautiful coves and small ports of the Greek islands, due to a shallow draft of just 2.20 meters (7.2 feet).
With her two masts and jib boom, sails mounted in the traditional way, bronze and wood pulleys, and classic hemp rigging, the Astarte looks absolutely stunning as she sails to windward.
She also has a powerful 400 HP engine that can deliver a 10-knot cruising speed consuming just 70 liters of fuel an hour. The engine is a very recent model (2009) with a three metric-ton gas tank; the ship is also fitted with a four metric-ton water reservoir, making it fully autonomous if needed.

The Astarte is naturally equipped with standard safety equipment and ultra-sophisticated navigation systems. A satellite antenna ensures connections to global communication networks, putting Internet and telephone services within reach of all passengers. The AIS (Automatic Identification System) can track the vessel’s location in real-time via the Internet.